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Download UC BrowserGet the latest version and download UC browser here.

The UC Browser is a fast and lightweight mobile browser for many different mobile phone systems. It’s the main product of UCWeb a internet software development company.

The greatest advantage of the UC Browser is it’s availability for a large amount of various cellphones.

It’s usable on mainstream mobile operating systems like iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Win CE, Java, MTK and Blackberry.The browser is available in 11 different languages.

The UC Browser has state-of-the-art features like

  • Preloading Content
  • Download Manager
  • Bookmarks and History
  • URL autocomplete
  • Browsertabs
  • Privacy Settings

With the content preloading technology the browser loads the data of the website in background during the user reads the current site. If the user follows a link of the current site it is already loaded. The download manager stops and resumes the user’s downloads. Its useful if you using it one the way and the internet connection breaks down temporarily.

The UC Browser supports a lot of cellphones with non-mainstream operating systems. Users of these cellphones can get a state-of-the-art browser even with an exotic operating system.

Users of older hardware have to take care about the system requirements. With low memory the browser can slow down because it can’t use its caching ability. In this case the user has to free some memory. It can be done by closing and uninstalling some unneeded apps.

Download UC Browser from GetJar

The UC browser is available for free and you can download it on the GetJar Apps store using the link at end of this paragraph. On the GetJar site you can choose your cellphone and operating system before your download starts.

Download UC Browser here