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subway-surfersA large number of third person running games are available for the smartphones. People often get confused when deciding to download such a game from the internet. If you are looking for a fun filled third person running game, Subway Surfers is a game that you should consider. It is such an impressive game, equipped with a wide range of interesting features.

The game starts in an interesting manner. A boy is spraying a graffiti on a wall and he gets caught to an inspector and a dog who prowl through the subway track. This makes the guy run on the subway on his hover board. You need to control him throughout the subway and make sure that he doesn’t hit on any obstacle. Once you hit an obstacle, the inspector will catch you and it will put a stop to your gameplay. This endless running is epic because of the beautiful subway. You need to run between trains, duck under road blocks, glide across the lines and fly your hover board across the tracks.

Just like in other running games, you have three different lanes to run. You can swipe across your screen to change these lanes. If there are hanging obstacles, you need to swipe up to jump over them and if there are small gaps, you need to swipe down to pass through them. The developers of this game have combined these controls in an elegant manner in order to provide a fascinating experience to you. You can even run on top of the trains by getting the assistance of door to half jumps. This gameplay is not associated with any lags and it has played an important role behind its popularity.

Even though Subway Surfers is an endless running game, it is not just a traditional running game. There are coins all over the track, which can make you rich. Once you have a good collection of coins, you can use them to get power ups, new costumes and unlock several interesting features. The power ups have the potential to clear obstacles in your track, increase the coin multiplies and increase your running speed. The game also features a set of unique goals, which are specifically designed to reward more coins to you. For example, if you run until you collect a specific number of coins, you will complete the goal, which bring more rewards.

In the game Subway Surfers, you can find two different currencies as coins and tokens. You can purchase additional currencies by spending your money. It will be easy for you to achieve a good score with a good collection of coins. For example, you have the ability to revive when you get busted by spending few coins. Generally, this is a fun filled game, which can keep you engaged for hours in front of your mobile screen.

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