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Download Skype AppGet one of the most famous messaging and voice over ip call app here and download skype app.

Use Skype to stay connected with your friends. Do free internet calls, send short messages or join video chats. With Skype you can do all these things in one app.

 Skype is available for many different cellphones with operating systems like iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry. On all versions you can do internet calls and messaging for free.

Free calls you can only do from Skype to Skype via internet. If you want to call to a cellphone without Skype you have to charge your account.

With a charged account you can buy a skype phone number, too. With this number you can be called from skype and non-skype phones.

Download Skype App

You can download Skype for free on GetJar Apps.

Download Skype