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Download Mobile WhatsappThe WhatsApp Messenger allows you to write messages with our friends without additional SMS costs.

The Messenger is available for many mobile devices like Android, IPhone, Blackberry and Windows Mobile.

The cross-plattform availability is the hottest selling point of this app.

It doesn’t matter anymore if your friends or family using mobile devices with different operating systems. They can all stay connected.


Sending messages between your friends is nice, but this app has more great features like:

  • Voice Messaging
  • Group Chat
  • Contact Management
  • Send unlimited pictures and videos

With Voice Messaging you can send and receive voice messages between your family and friends. It’s faster than typing and more personal. The group chat feature allows you to create and manage groups, so you can chat with more than one person. With the contact management you keep control over your communication. You can block users here. And last but not least you can send and receive videos and pictures.


You need an internet data plan to use Whatsapp. Besides this there are no additional costs to stay connected with your friends.


GetJar is a independent application store offering apps for Java ME, BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows Mobile and Android systems.

Download Mobile Whatsapp